24th of July – Pioneer Day Celebration 2015

By July 22, 2015Past Events

24th of July Celebration!

Celebrate the 24th at Homestead Resort with some family fun and live entertainment.  The festivities include a bounce house for the kids, some games and a performance by the Porter Rockwell Experience.

Our Chef will be grilling up some burgers and hot dogs.  Along with the a la carte barbecue, there will also be sides, beverages and sweets for purchase.

Come join your neighbors and family and celebrate the holiday with us on the front lawn of the Historic Homestead Resort!  The festivities begin at 4pm and continue until 8pm.

Homestead Resort Midway Utah

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Porter RockwellThe Porter Rockwell Experience can be many things to many people.  Porter Rockwell the man, was larger than life.  As the second U.S. Deputy Marshall west of the Mississippi and the bodyguard to the Mormon Prophets Joseph Smith, as well as Brigham Young, he created quite the legacy and legend.  His adventures and his beliefs are the stuff from which novels are created.  Louis L’Amour was one of the many who wrote Porter stories and myths that are still told today.

With The Porter Rockwell Experience we want to inspire and bring honor to his name.  Totally unscripted and interactive with the audiences, each performance is tailored to those attending.  Whether it is talking about his belief in the Book of Mormon and devotion to the Prophet, or his many wild adventures in the western frontier of the 1800’s, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  In the line of duty, Porter killed and apprehended more villains than western lawmen Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Tom Horn and Bat Masterson combined.   He is quoted as saying, “I never killed a man that didn’t need killing.”  He was a man’s man, right in the thick of things.