Children’s Entrepreneur Market

By May 28, 2019Past Events
Young girl at the kids market a Heber valley event near The Homestead Resort

A Farmer’s Market run entirely by KIDS!!! Come support our young entrepreneurs! EVERYONE WELCOME!

Saturday, June 1 at Homestead Resort from 3pm – 6pm.

Go to this form to complete registration (registrations are per family).…/U_dt3R4iZVE…
Reserved booths are $15 (includes one kids t-shirt and the latest Tuttle Twins book that teaches kids about entrepreneurship). If you register for more than one market in 2019, subsequent registrations are $10 each (does NOT include t-shirt and book).

-There are no waiting lists/standby booths.
-KIDS must do the selling. Open to ages 5-16.
-Setup begins 1 hour prior to market start.

Anything! Preferred handmade by kids, but they can sell anything (retail items or made by mom/dad). The only requirement is that the kids do the selling.
Some ideas:
Crafts, Art, Honey, Ice Cream, Soaps, Toys, Games, Cotton Candy, Home-bottled Fruits/Salsa, Popcorn, and anything else that would make this a diverse offering. The idea is that kids sell what they have made or have helped make, but that is not required. There are no restrictions on what kids sell as long as their products are kid-friendly (not things like Tupperware that are obviously adult businesses). Bring your kids, help them set up and then hang out in the back of the booth or around the market while they sell!

– Table and chairs (booths are 10′ wide)
– Items to sell (ANYTHING!!!!)
– Cash to make change

– Beach umbrella for shade or canopy (Your canopy should be shareable with another family)
– Square/PayPal card reader if your child wants to take credit cards
– Signs to dance with or post on the booth

– Register for your booth and pre-pay to guarantee a spot.
– Help your child create their products and package/label the items clearly.
– Help your child understand pricing and how to determine if they have priced them well.
– Invite friends and family to come support kids!
-Consider buying lunch from the other vendors!

This is the kids’ event, so please encourage your kids to do as much personal inviting as possible. Then you can pitch in here on Facebook and your networks to invite others. Please take a minute to invite guests to this event– EVERYONE you know locally (not just those with kids). If each family gets at least 10 others to come and support them, we’ll have a fantastic crowd and all the kids will do really well.

Please contact us with any questions!
[email protected]