Experience The Homestead Crater

By May 24, 2019Blog, Past Events
From the deck at our Hot Springs looking up through the sky hole at the Homestead Resort.



Nestled in Heber Valley lies the only warm scuba destination in the Continental US.  The geothermal hot spring was created over 10,000 years as melting snow went deep into the earth and percolated upward from being heated by the earth’s interior. As the warm water rose to the surface, it picked up minerals – eventually creating the beehive-shaped limestone deposit now called The Homestead Crater.

Considered one of Utah’s best kept secrets, the natural phenomenon attracts visitors from all over the world and truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mineral rich water maintains a temperature of 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit year-round and you can relax in the water while the opening at the top of the dome lets in the crisp mountain air and sunlight. But don’t worry, you don’t have to propel 55 feet down from the opening of the dome. A tunnel was created in the side of The Crater for easy access.


Soak, Swim, Snorkel & Explore

With a depth of 65 feet and a 400-foot-wide base, The Homestead Crater is the ultimate destination for scuba divers and scuba enthusiasts across the globe. You can even get scuba certified at the only warm scuba destination in the Continental US. All levels of experience are welcome, so you don’t have to be a scuba diving expert to visit The Homestead Crater.

If scuba diving isn’t on your agenda, you can simply swim, soak, snorkel or even just tour the natural phenomenon. Custom-built decks that go into the water make it easy to sit back and recharge in the magic of the volcanic waters. Lifejackets and snorkels are supplied by Homestead Resort so the whole family can experience the warm mineral water.


Paddleboard Yoga Classes

If you’re looking for a more active but relaxing experience, The Homestead Crater also offers paddle board yoga classes. Dubbed the “oldest yoga studio in the world” The Crater is a yoga experience that is second-to-none and sought out by many.

Yoga sessions are available 7 days a week and you can choose from sessions like Restorative Paddleboard Yoga or even a sunrise or sunset hike/snowshoe followed by a paddleboard yoga session. You don’t need to be an experienced yogi to join, all levels are welcome and if you lose balance on your paddleboard, the warm geothermal water is there to catch you.

What’s even better is that the classes are private, so you can fully immerse yourself in relaxation. Round up to 12 of your favorite fellow yogis to take the class with you starting from only $80 per person. You can find more information about this tranquil experience at Park City Yoga Adventures.


The Crater Soak Package

Homestead Resort offers a special Crater Soak Package that includes overnight accommodations and two adult crater soaks every day of your stay. The serenity of the Heber Valley makes Homestead Resort the perfect destination for a romantic escape or a family getaway.

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, visit The Homestead Crater to soak in the geothermal water and leave recharged and refreshed. Book your Crater experience today!