Utah Resort Information – Homestead Resort

When Simon Schneitter emigrated with his family to Utah from Switzerland, he had no idea his legacy would include one of the most beloved Utah resorts. Schneitter and his family came as a group of thousands of pioneer immigrants from many countries, arrived in Midway, Utah, and began farming. The alpine setting of Midway was reminiscent of Switzerland, making the group of immigrants feel more at home.

In 1886, Simon discovered a large, curious-looking rock crater on his farm, with soothing warm mineral water flowing from the rock. It wasn’t long before Simon’s mineral water “Hot Pot” became a local attraction. With the help of his wife Fanny, they began offering meals and attracted even greater crowds.

The Schneitters operated the family resort for 67 years where comfort, good food, and the hot water bathing became famous with guests throughout the United States.

Today Homestead Resort offers guests the opportunity to return to a more nostalgic time, allowing each guest to create a classic American experience that cannot be duplicated— complete with charming accommodations, peaceful conference facilities, comfortable dining, and boundless recreation amidst classic architecture and incredible atmosphere. Whether it’s a vacation you seek, or a one-of-a-kind corporate retreat, you’ll find the perfect space at Homestead in Midway, Utah.