2019 Midway Ice Castles




The Midway Ice Castles are at Homestead Resort.  Don’t miss your chance to make it an experience to remember by visiting the Ice Castles, dining in Simon’s Restaurant, soaking in the Homestead Crater and spending the night in a cozy guestroom.

New this year, Fanny’s will be open for full service dining on Friday and Saturday.  The menu will include Fanny’s sandwiches and famous sweet potato fries among other offerings!

We have a special Midway Ice Castle lodging package which includes overnight accommodations and two adult Ice Castle Tickets.  If you need extra tickets, please call our reservations department for potential discounts. 435-654-1102

Visit us this winter and visit the Midway Ice Castles at Homestead Resort.

The Ice Castles are the work and brainchild of ice artist Christensen, who with CEO Ryan Davis and a crew of trained workers are building four large ice creations in Utah, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Canada.

He started with a backyard castle in Alpine followed by an ice castle in downtown Midway in 2009.  Over the years, the Ice Castles have been in a variety of different Midway locations and this year, they are at Homestead Resort.

Don’t forget about all the dining options at Homestead Resort – Fanny’s for breakfast and lunch, Simon’s for dinner and new this winter.

Ice Castles being built in Midway City at The Homestead Resort
Full Formed Ice Castles at Night with a full moon at the Homestead Resort
Beautiful Ice Castle At Homestead Resort in Utah.