History of Homestead resort

By September 5, 2019Blog, Past Events
Homestead Resort plaque of establishment.

The land that Homestead Resort calls home is rich in history. For over 125 years, Homestead Resort in Utah has been a gathering place for travelers and locals alike. The architecture is the only example of the Federal style in the area and the growth of our Utah resort can be evidenced by the various architectural styles of the structures on the property. Today, Homestead Resort represents one of the few remaining historic sites that were important to the early development of the recreational industry.

The Crater that makes Homestead Resort famous is what truly inspired its creation. The natural geo thermal hot spring attracted visitors as far back as history can take us. The brutal Utah winters in the 1800’s made a natural hot spring an ideal destination.

Schneitter’s Hot Pot resort was built by Maria and Simon Schneitter. The two-story brick hotel and swimming pool officially opened in the summer of 1891 and quickly became a desired destination for many families in the surrounding areas. The local business directory back in 1892 listed what’s now Homestead Resort as “Schneitter’s Hotel and Saloon”.

Maria and Simon were immigrants from Switzerland and settled into the area in 1864. The Midway area was already an established settling ground for Swiss immigrants and the Schneitter family began clearing and farming the land, despite Simon being a watchmaker by trade. The hot springs in the area were novelties in the area that really piqued locals’ interests.

Because of the popularity of the hot springs on the property, cultivating the land to accommodate travelers was a no-brainer to the Schneitter family. In 1907, Fanny Manhart Miles and Simon J. Schneitter married and operated the resort until Fanny’s death in 1950. Simon J. is credited for the success of the enterprise. Fanny brought a homey comfort to the resort and her famous fried chicken is still served at the resort to this day!

Through the years, Homestead Resort has continued to grow and change. Now the historic land hosts exciting activities and events like weddings, golfing, snowshoeing and so much more. Despite all the change and deep history, this Utah resort has maintained its timeless charm and hospitality that will never go out of style!

Experience the rich history of Heber Valley at our Utah resort and book your stay today! Discover all things Heber Valley with a swim or soak in The Crater, a game on the green and endless summer fun at Homestead Resort.